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Student Leadership Symposium 2012

Student Leadership Symposium 2012 by EYE and Iclif
"Leadership: What’s it to you?"
Sasana Kijang
Saturday, 9 June 2012

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Student Leadership Symposium 2012 highlight #SLS2012

Emcee #SLS2012  Baki Zainal Sharing

Shout out for #SLS2012 from Rajeev Peshawaria, CEO of ICLIF

Meet lots of student leaders and corporate leaders in this event,
Student Leadership Symposium 2012, a symposium organise by EYE and Iclif.

Meet with Christopher Tock, Co-founder at EYE Project a day before the event for video shooting discussion.
Cover the whole event and record a lot of awesomeness talk.

Hope all the delegates can enjoy the recording and the event.
We shall meet next year for another great Student Leadership Symposium 2012 #SLS2012

Thanks Christopher and his team for the assistant and trust.
Wish we will work together again for the next awesomeness program.

Our video been featuring in EYE Project website

Here the Youtube Playlist for the recording:

Feedback / shout out from #SLS2012 delegates
Rajeev Peshawaria, CEO of ICLIF at #SLS2012
Student Leadership Symposium 2012
Poesy Liang, Founder of Helping Angels #SLS2012
Creating a better future together #SLS2012

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